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Business Decisions at the click of a button
AUTOsavvy was established to fill the gap in the South African market for a localised automotive business management system and now develops user-friendly, yet powerful business management software. The AUTOsavvy team is made up of South African industry experts with over 68 years of combined automotive and scrapyard industry experience, and business management solution experts who have been involved in the computer industry for over 30 years. AUTOsavvy strives to offer a personalised, hands-on service to ensure that our clients’ specific business management requirements are attended to. Not only does AUTOsavvy develop and offer business management software, but we also provide software training, implementation and support. With AUTOsavvy you can expect the day-to-day running of your organisation to be stress-free, simple, real-time and secure - literally allowing you to make critical business decisions at the click of a button! MISSION To revolutionise the automotive industry in South Africa by providing complete business management solutions, backed by a full support structure for all registered AUTOsavvy software users. VISION To become the preferred provider in the business management systems market for the automotive industry in South Africa, providing user-friendly and affordable business management solutions. VALUES Service Integrity Loyalty Honesty Professionalism Efficiency Passion
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