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Proline Motors is a premier motor dealership based on the East Rand committed toproviding superior pre-owned vehicles. Proline prides themselves on fostering long termrelationships with their customers by giving them access to the quality of service thatthey have come to rely on.

Proline Success Story

 Prior to the AUTOsavvy system, Proline didn’t have access to an integrated system. “Wehad to load each and every customer separately, there was no control between stockand invoicing, and the admin process of aligning these two processes could take up tohalf a day to complete” explains Proline Motors owner, Adriaan Nel.So, when Adriaan was introduced to the AUTOsavvy system, he was only too willing totry out some of the great capabilities and functions that the system would allow them toimplement. Immediately, Adriaan was impressed by the automation between processesthat AUTOsavvy provides as well as its end-to-end stock management functionality,“The system allows you to effectively manage stock from birth to death.”“AUTOsavvy is a user-friendly, comprehensive system that is great for the goodmanagement of your business” states Adriaan.Adriaan believes that the key advantages of the AUTOsavvy Car Dealership System isits ease of use and long-term benefits. “At the moment, we only have the basics inplace, but what’s great about the AUTOsavvy system is that going forward, once weexpand, we’ll have access to additional functionality. The AUTOsavvy system accommodatesfor what your business needs.”“I know a lot of systems, and out of those systems, AUTOsavvy has the edge asan end-to-end system that gives you more management control.”

Adriaan Nel
Proline Motors Owner

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