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"We are now more organised in our business - we can do more - and in the long term, I believe we will benifit in terms of productivity".

AutoHaus Success Story

Autohaus Springs has successfully grown as a motor dealership in the East Rand,offering top quality pre-owned vehicles, and back-up services to match. A key priority forAutohaus has always been focused on providing outstanding service and making it aseasy as possible for customers to do business with them.

Autohaus owner, Barend Muller, believes that “in an ever changing world, we cannotwork the same way as we did 10-20 years ago. More people want to deal with professionalpeople and in order to stay competitive and live up to customer expectations, wemust be able to stay on top of our business 100%”. So when AUTOsavvy approachedBarend with an opportunity to implement a software system that would give him morecontrol of his business operations, he was immediately interested.

Upon implementation of the AUTOsavvy system, Barend and his team went through alearning curve to understand how the system works, and as they progressed throughtraining, it became apparent to Barend that the system would give them access to abetter way of doing business. “We are now more organised in our business – we can domore – and in the long term, I believe we will benefit in terms of productivity”. Since thesystem has been implemented, Barend has been extremely impressed with thetime-saving advantage that the AUTOsavvy system gives them, making it easier forthem to process orders and invoices as well as bring in new stock to the system.

Barend explains how the AUTOsavvy system has helped to drive his business forward;“Before, we were out of place, but the AUTOsavvy system has made it more convenientfor us to manage the business on a more professional basis. AUTOsavvy gives youaccess to the same functions as more complex systems on offer at a more affordableprice”.  

Barend Muller
Autohaus Owner

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